The LASIK procedure has granted millions of people clear vision and eliminated their need for glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is known to correct vision problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. These vision problems are corrected by reshaping the cornea with an excimer laser. LASIK is a quick, painless procedure that has minimal down time.


Known as the predecessors of LASIK, PRK/LASEK corrects vision problems by reshaping the outermost surface of the eye. This procedure does not require an incision or flap and is known to have a longer healing time than LASIK. In most cases, this procedure is performed when the cornea is not thick enough for LASIK.
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Dry Eye Treatment

Just like our skin, our eyes need moisture in order to provide clear vision. If the eyes aren’t receiving the right amount of moisture they tend to become dry and you may develop Dry Eye Syndrome. Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome will depend on each individual case and a comprehensive eye exam is needed to determine the best treatment option.
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Eye Exams/Contact Lens Exams

Maintaining good eye health is essential to ensuring your vision lasts a lifetime. It is recommended you schedule an annual comprehensive eye exam to check your vision for any changes and to prevent any potential eye diseases.
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